Kathy Lloyd


Midland Park, New Jersey 07432

We repair copper-foiled, "Tiffany style" stained glass lamps, windows, and panels. Each project is unique. We are happy to look at digital photos of your broken stained glass via email, to assess the damage. Our first step is to research the broken glass and locate the exact color and texture for a flawless repair. Browse the repairs posted below and read the blog entries to see us at work.

As of June, 2018, we have repaired over 100 copper-foiled stained glass lamps and windows. Let us revive and extend the life of your treasured lamp, window, or other stained glass piece.

If you purchased your stained glass online or from a foreign source, read this blog posting for some helpful information .. Click here.

This custom-made shamrock panel, 28" x 40", had a number of construction and design issues which I resolved. Please see blog entries, click here, to read about the entire process. (March-April 2012)

Click here to see this beautiful lamp shade being repaired, including custom-mixing the patina. (Sept., 2011

This old lamp went through an amazing transformation. Click here to see the process of rebuilding the crown and repairing several cracked pieces. (October, 2015)

This 11" x 13" monogram posed a glass-matching challenge. The blue is hand-blown glass from Germany and hard to find .. but I did .. and I repaired it like new. Read about it on my blog .. click here. (March, 2011)

This beautiful "Waterglass Ribbon" window was extensively damaged with 37 cracked pieces. We successfully restored it, as shown. For blog postings describing the entire process, click here. (January 2013)

This Coca Cola lamp was badly damaged in a "cat-tastophe" but I repaired it for the grateful owners. Twice. (October, 2016 and April, 2017). To see the repair process, please click this link.

The charming Primrose lamp below, on the right was toppled by a curious cat. I repaired five cracked pieces. For blog posting with more photos and description of the repair, please click here. (February 2013)

The Dragonfly lamp on the left required cutting several small pieces of glass and some reinforcement wire to repair it properly. Read about the entire process here. (April, 2013)

This Mission style lamp on the left just needed a few small repairs to bring it back to life. Read all about it here. (March 2013)

This Dragonfly Lamp needed extensive repair to one side following a fall. (November, 2016) Click to review the process of the repair.

This small amber and red lamp had been damaged by movers. This before and after set of photos shows the repair. Click here to see the repair. (May, 2018)

This lovely rose lamp on the right sustained a bent cap when the owner's cat jumped and toppled it. See the replacement of the cap, and the light switch. Click here. (December, 2015)

I've repaired many of these nostalgic 1970's era Fruit Lamps. They're all unique in their own way. Click here to see the blog posting describing its repair. (May, 2016)

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